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Christy's Legacy of Hope was named after the beautiful and strong-willed daughter of Jeff and Karen named Christy, who inspired many in her time on Earth. Our organization seeks to extend Christy's legacy of kindness to those who need it most.

Christy DePriest Wright only lived on this earth 24 years, but her passion for helping children is still living on. Christy grew up in a loving Christian home in the downriver-Detroit area of Michigan. At only 13 years old, she developed a huge heart for missions after reading an article that unsettled her about orphans in China. She wanted to make a difference. She stood for truth and morality and understood eternal significance. She always took opportunities to share and smile and the love of Jesus with those around her. At 20, she had the opportunity to teach English to children in China and her desire to help orphans grew. She attended Liberty University in Virginia, got married, bought a dog and a home and all the while, that desire remained. Her dream was to return to China after graduation to care for those orphans she met there. However, Christy was never able to see her dream become reality as she passed away at 24 after a brief but difficult battle with a rare cancer. There is so much more to Christy’s life and her legacy. 

Memories of her childhood and excerpts from a  diary kept during Christy's cancer journey can be found in "Christ with a Y," which was written by Christy's mother, Karen.

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